From the Minister:

Our ministry is broad-based and varied at Dexter UU.  As just one of the Sunday morning speakers, I preach on the 2nd Sunday of each month, as well as at special services like Christmas Eve Candlelight and Flower Communion on the first Sunday of June. Buddhists, Christians, Humanists, Pagans, and other faith orientations regularly fill our pulpit. Lay participation is also encouraged.

As the part-time pastoral minister, I am on call for weddings, christenings, dedications, funerals and crisis counseling.  I can be reached at 207-487-6832.

Reverend Scott Jones

From the Presidents:

As the oldest meetinghouse in Dexter, we hold a prominent place physically in the town.  We are a relatively small congregation of committed individuals seeking, each in our own way, the truth of existence.  We come together from different backgrounds and different religious experiences, but we honor each other and respect each other’s opinions.  We don’t ask anyone to subscribe to any creed or any statement of belief but we do have beliefs that we hold in common.  Please click on Seven Principles, Avowal of Faith & Our Living Tradition. Please join us for at 10 a.m Sunday worship, with fellowship afterwards.

Alice Bunn  bunnja@myfairpoint.net
Marina Davis  marinadavis00@gmail.com


The church is host to various activities including coffee houses, yard sales, contradances, blood drives, discussion forums and more. Please call the church if you want more information. Our service occurs at 10 AM every Sunday, except for the month of August. Please call for a monthly listing of speakers and topics.


The church holds various events to raise money for building maintenance and community projects. Our biggest project involves offering roadside UU signs. These large aluminum signs can be placed at the entrance of your town and will help guide people to your church doors. More Information>>

Contact Us

The First Universalist Church of Dexter
PO Box 294
Dexter, ME 04930

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