UU Road Signs


Dear Friends.

Let us help you guide people to your welcoming doors with signs placed at the entrance to your town. With about 1000 societies in all of the United States, we do need to announce our local presence.

The First Universalist Church of Dexter, Maine is offering a classically simple highway sign. The UU logo with chalice is printed on a 30-inch disk of heavy aluminum, in reflective black and white, with the words "Unitarian Universalist" arranged around the outer circumference of the circles. Small oblong signs can be purchased with a direction arrow, location, or other pertinent information as desired. Signs are punched for mounting on a single post. All you have left to do is purchase poles and place them along the road at the entrance to your town.

You have seen similar 30-inch signs announcing the presence of Kiwanis, Rotary, and Lions, among others. These signs have the advantage of uniformity-they are immediately recognizable as "official" by the traveling public and serve several purposes they acquaint the general public with the UU logo, they let passing drivers know we are active in town, they inform traveling UU's that there is a local church or society available, and they show we care about spreading our message.

Most churches and societies will need several signs for separate highway accesses to their communities. The sign can also be mounted in front of your church. Congregations using other facilities can hang it temporarily at the time of their service. Mass production of the chalice logo sign has brought unit costs well within the reach of most congregations. The small customized signs are available at a modest additional cost. All of the signs ordered are shipped via UPS in one package.

This project has the approval of the UUA.


A. The Flaming Chalice Sign:

Option B - Local Information:
The church name is optional. Street address, direction, miles are important and might fit on the 8x24 inch sign.

Option C-Direction arrow/distance:
If the name and address sign is crowded, or you want to indicate direction and mileage, you can use the 8x16 inch sign.

Tips on Ordering and Placing UU Signs:

Some church names are ambiguous, like "First Parish". If the Church or Meeting Place is not well-labeled, one of the chalice logo signs could be used. If you meet in rented or borrowed quarters, a sign hung outside at meeting times would be helpful.

If each sign is different, be sure to draw a diagram for each.

Mounting the sign requires a 10 foot post. This can be a 4x4 pressure treated post or a metal U-Channel post. Fence posts are too short and the holes are not at the right intervals. Use stainless steel bolts or screws.

Please Note:
Before ordering signs check with your local highway or public works department. They can refer you to the proper district or state office for regulation information. If there are already service groups [Lions, etc.] you will have an idea of what is possible for your location. Call if you need special sizes.


Please call or write for an order form and current price information.

For Information sent by mail:
Ann Kendall
First Universalist Church of Dexter
PO Box 294
Dexter, ME 04930
207-277-4901 [home]

For Information sent by email:
Dwight Kuhn