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Why Do Modern Companies Use An Animated Corporate Video?

Numbers tell us that online videos are becoming more and more popular as more than four billion videos are viewed every day. As a business owner, you understand the importance of attracting new clients or customers, but did you know that an animated corporate video can make a world of difference? These videos aren’t just relevant to today’s market, but rather, they take advantage of an existing potential customer base video watchers!

Think about it this way: if you were a customer looking to find out more about a company, would you want to read a large wall of text, or watch a fun video? Sure, most information can be posted on virtually any website, but most customers are short on time and have limited attention spans to begin with. With a corporate video that relies solely on animation, you can give potential clients a quick overview of what your business is all about and help visitors form a clear picture of what they can expect from your company.

What’s The Purpose Of A Corporate Video?

A corporate animated video isn’t just a visual aid that will allow your audience to become more informed. In fact, if that’s all your visuals are doing, you’re limiting the power of great animation! A solid and well constructed video can inspire as well as engage visitors to a website. Your video Production is likely to help increase the number of page views you receive on a regular basis while also cementing the name of your company in the minds of customers.

Video production in London can make or break your business, and you may be tempted to info dump on clients, but that’s what you should avoid! Instead of going for the obvious ‘a list of what your company is all about’ give information your intended target audience can relate to. How will your products or services make their lives better? How are you relevant to their daily needs?

Here is a list of quick facts that a well constructed animated corporate video should include:

  • *A problem faced by your target audience that you know your company can solve.
  • *Introduce your company as the solution in the next sequence. You can further drive the point home by choosing to incorporate other options available through different means and how those solutions aren’t enough.
  • *Place strict emphasis on why your solution is the best and highlight key components of your company.
  • *The last step is a call-to-action as you want people to act quickly!

As a corporate animated video is created, it’s important to always keep in mind the intended audience. You want them to feel that your videos and the problems/solutions mentioned are completely relevant to their way of life. There should always be an emphasis on quality with such a video as introducing the right graphics and information can help meet short-term and long-term objectives of clients. Perhaps most important of all is to hire a professional designer to create a top quality corporate video you can be proud of!