SEO London

A Guide To Doing SEO In London

When it comes to doing local SEO there are many things you need to consider. It is somewhat similar to doing general SEO, however, local SEO has a few differences. We will now look at some of the differences so that you can do SEO in London for London based businesses.

Building Citations

Building SEO Citations

The first thing you need to do is build citations. This is essential when doing local SEO and by building lots of citations, you will help your site to rank highly in Google. However, when you are creating citations, be sure that you use exactly the same wording for the address of the business. You should also stick to high-quality business directories and avoid the more spammy ones.

Another tip is that you should change the location of your website in the Google webmaster tools. Many SEOs forget to do this simple action, but it can help you to rank much better locally. Your on-page SEO should also be relevant and you should use your location throughout each page. This will help Google to understand that it is a local site and rank it for its location.

High-Quality Links

Getting high-quality backlinks are also essential for local sites, even though competition may not as fierce. It may take you only a few links to rank, however, you should make sure that these are clean and powerful links. It is best to get links from other London based sites as well as local PBNs when possible. When you are getting PBN links, be sure that the content on the page contains the word “London” near to your backlink.

In closing, we have just looked at how you can do SEO in London or any area for that matter. Be sure to apply the above tips and you will rank in time. For more tips visit