The Most Important Factors To Pay Attention To When Doing SEO

The Most Important Factors To Pay Attention To When Doing SEO in London

SEO in London has become widely popular in the last decade, since the advent of search engines. This is because the majority of online users depend on search engines such as Google to help them find the information, products and services that they want. As a result, the websites that show up in the first few spots of Google for their niche specific searches, tend to get the most search traffic. So, SEO was created so that webmasters could optimise their London based websites to ra

SEO in London

nk at the top of search engines, and thus get a lot of traffic which they can convert into customers. To put it in layman’s terms, a website that ranks on the first spot of Google is like a physical store that is located on the very best spot of an extremely busy main street. This particular store will get the most walk in traffic as oppose to a store that is located in some quiet back street with little to no traffic, which is like the second or third page of Google.


London SEO Difficulty

With that said, SEO has become increasingly difficult over the years and a lot more complicated. This is because Google has over 200 ranking factors that it pays attention to when it comes to ranking sites. Companies like have to stay ahead of the curve as Many of these ranking factors are not known, however, some are. One of the most important ranking factors is on-page. This refers to what you actually have on your site, it’s structure, keywords used, how you’ve optimised etc. For example, the most powerful places to put your keywords are in the URL and title of your site. So, if your main keyword is “best chiropractor in London”, then it is best to ensure that it is included in the URL for the page as well as in the title. Additionally, you should also use this particular keyword throughout your content. Now, it is essential to avoid overoptimising for your keywords, since this will cause a Google penalty. Instead, aim for a density of 2 – 4%.


On Page SEO

Next, another important on-page factor is the speed of your website. Speed is a factor that has become increasingly important in the last few months and this is because it affects user experience. One of Google’s main goals is to improve the experience of searchers and if they click on your site and it takes too long to load, then this is a negative user experience. As a result, you should immediately check the speed of your site using an online speed checker and then take the steps necessary to speed up your site such as optimising images, getting rid of bloated code or unnecessary plugins etc.


How to Build Links

Lastly, the final factor we will look at are links. The internet is built on links and as a result, it will always be a major ranking factor. You should avoid buying links since this is against Google’s term of service and can get your website penalised. Instead, it is best to gain links by networking with similar sites through outreach and building mainly white hat links.

In summary, these are the most important factors that you should be paying attention to when doing London SEO. If you do, you will definitely improve your overall rankings and traffic, which will ensure your website always has a steady stream of customers.

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